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  Deposit Management System

DeTrac.21 is a comprehensive web enabled deposit management system designed with the objective of providing operational, regulatory and decision-making support to effectively manage the deposits portfolio.

DeTrac.21 shall support the complete lifecycle of deposits. High flexibility & parameterization of the product ensures that the product can fit into any organizations requirement easily and system can easily adapt to the dynamic market and regulatory requirements.

Based on the latest technology, system can handle large volumes, high number of concurrent users along with data safety & security.

Deposit Schemes

System has complete support for both Cumulative and Non Cumulative Deposits. System has easy configuration so that you can define the deposit schemes as per your need. Interest parameters like compounding frequency, repayment frequency or term-based rate matrix can be configured. System also has support for different day count conventions (30/360 and Actual method) and variants thereof (e.g. 30/360 US, 30E/360, Actual/Actual, Actual/366 etc). etc)..


A comprehensive solution that enables transparent and flexible implementation and operationalization of credit risk rating models. Credit Risk Rating Platform comprises the following core components:-

Print Features

System has in built modules for Cheque truncation, Warrant printing, Deposit receipt printing, 15G/H (tax exemption forms) & Form 16 A (certificate for confirmation of tax deduction) printing.
These modules are automated & optimized so that large volumes can be handled with ease. Also, proper controls are built into the system to avoid errors, omissions & frauds.
For cheques, warrants & deposit receipt, system maintains the stationery and complete log of issued stationery. Duplicate issuance requires approval for designated authorities.

Withholding Tax (TDS)

Considering the various regulations, computation of the tax amount can be really cumbersome. DeTrac.21 considers all such regulations & automatically computes & deducts the tax wherever applicable. Applicable tax rates & exemptions limits can (Resident Individuals, Non-Residents, Companies, Trust etc). System also supports clubbing of income in case of minors. Further, system can also handle tax exemption forms & certificates issues by tax authorities.
System support automated bulk printing for Form 15G& 15H. Forms can also be printed and issues on request for any customer. System also supports issuance of TDS certificate to customers.

Compliance to Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules

Non Banking Companies accepting Deposits are required to follow certain rules under the Companies Act. These rules govern all the transaction involved in deposits like acceptance, maturity & renewal. Also, the companies are required to file a return annually with the Registrar & RBI. The system factors in & complies with all these rules.

Financial Accounting & GL Interface

With Detrac.21, you need not worry about financial accounting at all. System automatically generates the financial entries for all the transaction executed in the system.
Since, most of the companies will have core GL system in place; system allows interfacing with any GL system.

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