Business Rule management is a very complex term and it needs either great people with good tools or Great tools with good execution. Every business follow certain Business rules to achieve success and highest ROI. They want their teams to strictly follow the same in order to sustain the business objectives and outcomes. Businesses struggle to sustain their success in absence of a good rule management tool which can potentially align all the stakeholders with the ultimate objective both during business management and execution stage.

A Powerful Business Rule Management tool like Actico Rule Engine is capable to model, organise and perform operations of complex business logic. It’s convenient modelling approach and flexible integration with any IT infrastructure is a boon to any business. It provides a platform which assists businesses to scale from a single project to entire Enterprise Decision Management.

Key Features:

Convenient modelling:

    Configurable modeller tool
    Built-in documentation module
    Rule analysis and quality check
    Rules based logic - NO CODING
    No more complex Business rules

Image of keyfeatures
Image of keyfeatures

Centralised rule management:

    Completely automated rule execution
    Central repository for rules
    One stop rule maintenance and deployment
    Quick amendments in created policies
    One click Rule deployment

Testing and Simulation unit:

    Faster testing and simulation of business rules before production
    Simulation of rules without coding
    Real time comparison of actual and expected output
    Instant rule creation and modification

Image of keyfeatures
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Documentation and Repository management:

    Version maintenance for record keeping
    Instant production deployment of selected version
    Access control of the selected repository
    Export all business logics in a single file
    Export documents in DOC/PDF/HTML for quick validation
    Compare different versions of the same repository

Act21 Softwares is ACTICO's implementation partner in India. We provide Decision Management solutions to Banking and Financial sector.