Incentive or commission payout is a mandatory process for businesses into BFSI. Substantial amount in form of commission is distributed to external agencies like DSA and collection agencies. Core employees are under some incentive models too. Such payout models have varied formulae for every certain stakeholder. A lot of calculations goes around such variables and the final outcome is very much error prone in most of the cases. Distributing payout is a tedious task and the complexities increase with the increase in payout models, formulae, multiple payout variables, policies, Holdback/clawback provisions, etc. With such tedious process in place, scenarios gets worsen with issues or problems in payouts from external agencies.

ACT21 offers PCMS (Payout and computation management system), an intuitive and adaptive solutions for all your Incentive computation and management requirements, which can take in your headaches for entire payout process and keep your relationship with your partners concrete strong. PCMS is a complete solution to administer and manage incentives & commission for any lending business. It is powered by a very Powerful Rule Management Platform. It seamlessly Integrates with your existing IT environment & core business applications for Sales/Collection Information and downstream application such as accounts-payable or payroll application for disbursement.

Key Features:

Policy Creation:

    Create policies without a single line of code
    Easy management of designed policies
    Create policies using drag and drop design console
    Design and save policies for temporary/permanent deployment
    Select and amend policies just by a few clicks

Policy Creation
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Payout Manager:

    Easily manage cumbersome payout process
    Simplified Clawback and Holdback payouts
    Centralised control for variety of payouts
    Payout processing with a single clicks
    Collaboration simplified


    Simulate policies with expected and actual outcome comparison
    Select from multiple commission and incentive structures
    One click select-apply-simulate policies
    Real time simulation of policies designed for outcomes expected
    Simulated policies go into production

Policy Creation
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Reports and dashboard:

    Intuitive Reports & Interactive Dashboards
    Display options for Historical payouts, holdbacks and clawbacks
    Invoice templates for agencies
    Individual assessment of agencies
    Downloadable reports In multiple formats.

Support module:

    Web-login module for Agencies
    Historical payouts for Agencies and banks
    Query Resolver for Agencies
    Reduced support life cycle through quick resolutions
    Access Control for users and Organisational heirarchy management

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