BFSI is undergoing a complete transformation today owing to the need of smart consumers. With Internet teaching everything to mass today and consumers becoming savvy of online transactions, none wants to spend their time being in a queue. BFSI is quickly understanding the changing consumers and improving their existing setups to eliminate traditional practices. Automation of traditional processes involving customer facing and managing data at the backend are the priority jobs for BFSI.

From Consumer point of view, online engagements and low TAT and are now must to have, on the other hand, BFSI institutions are struggling with customer loyalty when there are options to choose and competition is at peak. Involving Artificial Intelligence through Machine learning, employees now can be assisted with an automated/semi-automated process, reducing the TAT, ultimately reducing the operation costs.

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With our more than 2 decades or in-depth experience with BSFI, we understand your concerns and can help you improve your existing process to lead in the competition. We are among the fast runners in BFSI vendor list when it comes to Digital transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our intelligence into BSFI and capability to improvise the processes with latest technology make us one of the preferred partners for BSFI institutions.

Key deliverables by ACT21 to transform BSFI Digitally:

Front-end development:

    UI improvements for best user experience
    Interactive Chatbots reducing human efforts at first level contact
    Digital data collection and processing for verification
    Quick transaction models for multi-level transactions
    User specific information using AI

Back-end Automation:

    Data analytics mechanism for better insights
    Backend process automation
    Audit trail and reporting for compliance purposes
    Improved decision making models backed by data
    Implementation and integration among independent platforms